Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra Videos

1.1 Place Value of Whole Numbers
1.2 Rounding Whole Numbers
1.3 Addition of Whole Numbers
1.4 Subtraction of Whole Numbers
2.1 Multiplication of Whole Numbers
2.2 Division of Whole Numbers
2.3 Exponents
2.4 Order of Operations
3.1 Solving Equations
3.2 Word Problems using Whole Numbers
3.3 Geometric Applications – Perimeter
3.4 Geometric App. – Area and Volume
3.5 Divisibility Rules
3.6 Prime Numbers and Composite Numbers
3.7 Prime Factorization and Factors
3.8 The GCF (Greatest Common Factor)
3.9 The LCM (Least Common Multiple)
4.1 Introduction to Fractions
4.2 Simplifying Fractions
4.3 Reading a Ruler
5.1 Multiplication with Fractions
5.2 Division with Fractions
5.3 Solving Equations of the Form ax=b
6.1 Reviewing the LCM and Equivalent Fractions
6.2 Addition with Fractions
6.3 Subtracting and Comparing Fractions
6.4 Addition with Mixed Numbers
6.5 Subtraction with Mixed Numbers  
6.6 Order of Operations with Fractions
7.1 Introduction to Decimals
7.2 Adding and Subtracting Decimals
7.3 Multiplying with Decimals
8.1 Dividing with Decimals
8.2 Circumference and Area of a Circle
8.3 Fractions and Decimals
8.4 Arranging and Comparing with Decimals
2.1 Ratios and Unit Price
2.2 Proportions
2.3 Solving Equations of the form a·x=b
2.4 Solving Proportions
2.5 Applications of Proportions
3.1 Converting Percents to Fractions and Decimals
3.2 Converting a Decimal or a Fraction to a Percent
3.3 Solving Percent Problems using Proportions
3.4 Solving Percent Problems by Translating
3.5 Solving Percent Problems using the Percent Equation
3.6 Applications Involving Percents
3.7 Applications Involving Percent Increase or Decrease

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  1. Love your math videos, it helped me so much that you can not even imagine. In my opinion it’s even better than YouTube tutorial. I will be recommending your video to my grandkids that both are in their last year of high school. Please add other math videos as like Adding property of equality with Integer. To say that you are an outstanding, unique, and excellent math professor, is an understatement. Thank you very much

  2. I just wanted to say that I was in your Basic Skills 9 course at Victor Valley College and your lectures really helped me get through Math 10. I am thankful that I remembered that you have a website with very informative video lectures to take notes on since I decided to come back here to freshen up on my skills before I take another attempt at Math 42, which I failed the first time since taking this subject as an online course just isn’t recommended. My notes even came out as clear as they did from when I first took this class. I also love the new site layout. It makes everything a little more user friendly. Keep up the good work and I hope that this website can stay online for as long as possible.


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